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Red Raspberry: A Jam Perfect for February

Bright & Vibrant Flavor From Red Raspberries

In several short days, Valentine’s Day will begin. During this special occasion, Maury Island Farm would like to wish you well and enjoy time spent with loved ones.

Last week, we published a 10-step jam cookie recipe using our Red Raspberry Jam. This flavor was chosen because of its popularity during the lovely month of February.

Raspberries have been cultivated and enjoyed for over a millennium. The flavor is a delicious juxtaposition of both tart and sweet, with a tangy aftertaste.

More importantly, the raspberry also provides numerous health benefits. These berries come full of important vitamins, iron, and antioxidants. These nutrients help fight off disease and sickness, perfect for cold winter weather.

Raspberry is not only one of the most delicious jam flavors but also one of the healthiest. Maury Island Farm makes its Red Raspberry Jam with a low amount of cane sugar to let the natural flavor of raspberries come through with each bite. The reduced amount of sugar, also means this jam has fewer calories and tastes better than other jams.

The red shine on this jam is natural. Like all jams and preserves from Maury Island Farm, this jam includes no artificial flavoring or coloring. The bright red color of raspberries matches February's aesthetic perfectly and makes for a bright and cheery treat during the month.

For those looking for a jam flavor to pick up during the rest of February, Maury Island Farm has a jam and fruit topping to satisfy.

Red Raspberry Jam is made with fruit pectin to give it a jam-like consistency. This spread is perfect for breakfast foods such as muffins, yogurt, and stuffed French toast.

Maury Island's Red Raspberry Ecstasy Fruit Topping is a smoother, more luscious version of its jam counterpart. This topping is perfect for ice cream or cheesecake due to its light and smooth texture. Without pectin, the topping spreads evenly over and dessert.

Both flavors come from raspberries harvested in the Pacific Northwest. For an eye-opening taste this February, try a sweet and tart experience from red raspberries.

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