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A Little Sugar Goes a Long Way

Why Maury Island Makes its Jam With Low Sugar

Jam and preserves are flavorful additions to all kinds of foods. The sweet and tart flavor is delicious and often enjoyed as a spread, a dessert topping, or to serve with appetizers. Maury Island Farm controls its ingredients carefully to bring out the best flavor possible, only using trace amounts of sugar.

Sugar is a crucial ingredient in a jam and affects much more than the flavor. The ratio between fruit and sugar also affects the color and the shelf life of the fruit. By reducing the amount of sugar, the amount of jam made diminishes, leading to smaller batches.

For all of these reasons, many choose to create jams with an excess of sugar. This sugar is also sometimes paired with corn syrup and other preservatives to accentuate the sweet flavor. These jams have long shelf lives and produce large quantities of jam at a time, but also have several drawbacks.

By adding a surplus of sugar, the jam can taste too sweet, masking the natural fruit flavor of the berries. Sugar also harms the nutrition of the jam, adding almost no value other than its taste.

Fresh berries from the Pacific Northwest give incredible flavor on their own. Harvested each year, the cool nights and long summer days provide these berries a ripe and delicious quality. Maury Island Farm presents the full breadth of flavor from its berries by creating jam with low sugar.

Not only is this a more natural approach, but it leads to a better flavor as well. The taste of berries is complex, a perfect juxtaposition between sweet and tart flavors. The more sugar added, the less these complex tastes can be noticed and appreciated.

In place of sugar, Maury Island Farm makes quality its highest priority. Each jam is made with only three or four ingredients, perfectly balanced, and cooked for a pure fruit flavor.

Maury Island makes its jam for those looking for a wholesome fruit taste. Those eager to try a pure and fresh jar of jam can choose between Maury Island's eight elegant flavors.

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