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Celebrate Valentine's Day With Maury Island

Treat a Loved One This Valentine’s Day

In only a few short weeks, Valentine’s Day will be here. February 14th is the perfect time of year to reflect and appreciate the people we love. While everyone expresses their appreciation differently, Maury Island Farm suggests enjoying this February season with gourmet jam, preserves, and fruit toppings.

There are many ways to enjoy a jar of jam during Valentine’s Day. Find a favorite flavor, or choose to enjoy a jam in a festive red color. Tart Cherry, Strawberry Rhubarb, and Red Raspberry Jam each can make this Valentine’s Day even more vibrant.

Making breakfast for a significant other is never a bad idea. This year, Valentine’s Day falls on a Sunday, making it a perfect time to treat someone else by letting them sleep in longer. Maury Island jam pairs perfectly with many breakfast items. Cover pancakes in a Red Raspberry Ecstasy Fruit Topping, spread Marionberry Jam on an English muffin, or create a delicious yogurt with Blueberry Jam.

After breakfast, enjoy something sweeter by making a decadent fruit dessert. Jam serves as an excellent pair for heart-shaped cookies. Simply create two cutout cookies: one in the shape of a heart, and another with a heart outline. After baking, cover the heart cookie in a favorite jam flavor and then cover it with the heart outline. The jam should hold the outline in place, and the result will be a beautiful heart-jam cookie.

Alternatively, Maury Island Farm makes its fruit toppings to add a smooth flavor to other desserts. Brownies and ice-cream both benefit from blackberry, marionberry, and raspberry flavor. Share with a loved one for a sweet treat this Valentine’s Day.

In each fruit topping, preserve, and jam, expect the very best quality from Maury Island Farm. The berries we use come fresh from the Pacific Northwest for an unrivaled fruit flavor.

From everyone at Maury Island Farm, we wish everyone a happy Valentine’s Day. We hope we can make February 14th a little more special with our gourmet jams and preserves.

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