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The Difference Between Fruit Toppings & Jam

Fruit Toppings and Jam

The words ‘jam’ and ‘fruit topping’ seem like they could interchangeable with one another. After all, adding jam on top of pancakes or ice-cream makes for a deliciously fruity treat. Yet, Maury Island Farm features eight flavors of jam and preserves and has an entirely new category to host three jars of fruit toppings.

Jam is sometimes used to top desserts, but Maury Island’s fruit toppings are made differently to make sweet foods even tastier. The most important distinction between jam and fruit toppings is the ingredients used. While jam and preserves include fruit pectin to create a familiar spreadable consistency, fruit toppings do not. This is why fruit toppings have a smoother consistency and are better suited to evenly coat the top of a cheesecake or crepe.

The sweetness of the two products also sets them apart. Maury Island’s jam and preserves are made with a lower amount of sugar to emphasize the fruit flavor. Desserts such as ice-creams and cakes may need a sweeter companion to deliver the best taste possible.

Each fruit topping is made with slightly more sugar, better accommodating these sweet foods. Even with this added sweetness, the freshness of Pacific berries maintains a natural and delicious berry taste.

Those curious to experience the differences can enjoy Maury Island’s three dessert toppings. Blackberry Delight makes for a timeless Northwest treat. Its deep and rich flavor pairs well with simple desserts such as vanilla ice cream. Red Raspberry Ecstasy presents a tangier and sweeter flavor and is a great companion to breakfast foods such as pancakes and crepes. Finally, Marionberry Dream delivers one of the most popular berry flavors in a sweet and smooth form to complete any favorite dessert.

While jam and fruit toppings are similar, the differences between the two suit different needs. For an elegant addition to any dessert, shop Maury Island’s Fruit Toppings.

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