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Does Maury Island Farm Jam Have Seeds?

Natural, Nutritious, & Fresh Flavor

Maury Island Farm makes each of its jam and preserves with natural berries from the Pacific Northwest. An essential part of capturing a fruity flavor profile is to do it in the most natural way possible. We never include syrups or preservatives and use all aspects of the berry, including the seeds of the fruit.

We understand seeds can sometimes be a divisive part of our jam. Some enjoy the taste and texture of seeds, but others may prefer a softer and lighter jam taste. Even with this in mind, Maury Island Farm includes seeds in its jam to preserve its high quality.

Each jar of Maury Island Farm jam uses small amounts of sugar and adds it to natural berries and fruit pectin. Since so much of the flavor comes from the quality of the fruit itself and not from additional additives, keeping the flavor fresh is a challenge.

By keeping the seeds inside of the jam, the jam maintains its taste and appearance. This way, even after opening a jar of jam, the flavor can still taste fresh for weeks to come.

Most important, seeds are a vital part of a jam’s nutrition. Seeds are rich in omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids, protein, and fiber, each critical for staying healthy. Without these seeds, the jam would lose all of these health benefits.

The seeds in Maury Island’s jam, preserves, and fruit topping are what make it so flavorful. The jam tastes excellent, and the low amount of sugar paired with the fresh berries makes people feel great.

We ask you to give Maury Island Farm jam a try, even if you usually prefer seedless jams. Our Marionberry, Blueberry, and Boysenberry Jam flavors may feature tiny seeds that don’t intrude on the smooth berry flavor. After tasting Maury Island’s fresh and nutritious flavor, you won’t want to have jam made any other way.

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