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Experience Blackberry Flavor With Maury Island Farm

Rich Flavor from Pacific Northwest Blackberries

Out of all berry varieties, blackberries are among the most popular. The rich and woodsy flavor comes from sprawling blackberry bushes from the Pacific Northwest. While Maury Island Farm doesn’t have blackberry jam in its lineup, there are plenty of ways to experience the rich flavor of fresh blackberries.

Maury Island Farm creates a rich and complex flavor with its Blackberry-Raspberry Jam. These two berries pair well together, with savory blackberry notes balancing out the sweet taste of raspberries.

These berries also provide plenty of nutrition to each spoonful of jam. Raspberries and blackberries are known to provide plenty of antioxidants and essential vitamins to stay healthy. This jam is perfect for enjoying breakfast foods in the morning to benefit from its energy throughout the day.

Boysenberries and Marionberries come from domesticated blackberries and offer a similar flavorful taste. Both of these berries began growing on the West Coast and are now staples of the Pacific Northwest.

Marionberries are firmer and taste earthy more earthy than traditional blackberries. This berry is referred to as The Cabernet of Berries due to its sophisticated flavor profile.

Boysenberries are more delicate and are often hard to find due to transportation difficulties. This berry is juicier than marionberries and blackberries and offers a distinct tang.

Each of these jams offers unique tastes with familiar blackberry roots. Blackberry-Raspberry Jam tastes tangy and sweet, Boysenberry Jam tastes floral and juicy, and Marionberry Jam tastes tart and earthy.

Those who visit Maury Island Farm looking for blackberry jam should not leave disappointed. Between these three flavors of jam, those fond of blackberries can find the flavor which best speaks to them.

Maury Island has a delicious selection of jam flavors to choose from. Each jar of wholesome jam is made from Pacific Northwest blackberries, marionberries, and boysenberries. Our jam is made with no syrups, artificial ingredients, or GMOs to provide the best taste possible.

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