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Five Reasons to Enjoy Fruit Toppings Instead of Chocolate Sauce

How to Make the Best Desserts Possible

Dessert is a special time of any day. Rarely do people get the opportunity to indulge themselves, and any good dessert should feel satisfying. In order to better help enjoy desserts, Maury Island has five reasons to enjoy a fruit topping instead of a traditional chocolate sauce.

1. Better Nutritional Value

The first advantage fruit toppings have is their nutrition. Unlike other dessert toppings, fruit toppings made with real berries can add several vitamins, antioxidants, potassium, and calcium.

Sweets and desserts don’t offer much nutritional value on their own. However, adding a fruit topping can make a dessert feel less heavy and taste more enjoyable.

2. Less Added Sugar

Alongside better nutrition, fruit toppings are usually made with less sugar than other caramel and chocolate sauces. Desserts often use a large portion or even a majority of a person’s daily sugar intake. Over time, using a less sugary dessert topping will keep a body healthier.

Maury Island Farm creates its fruit toppings with a small amount of added sugar. However, the toppings can remain flavorful due to the high quality of berries picked in the Pacific Northwest.

3. Pairs With Breakfast and Desserts

Fruit toppings are much more diverse than chocolate sauce and can be included in several different foods. Parfaits, muffins, and pancakes are all foods that benefit from a touch of fruit flavor. Chocolate sauces pair well with desserts, but trying to use it on breakfast foods leaves everything tasting too sweet.

4. Contributes More Complex Flavor

More often than not, chocolate sauces can be buried beneath the excessive sweetness. When a fruit flavor is added to a dessert, it becomes the main feature to enjoy. The combination between sweet and savory leads to a complex flavor that changes the dessert’s flavor profile to something unique.

5. Offers More Options and Variety

Chocolate sauces come in a few flavors, but fruit toppings provide a broader scope of options. Berries are remarkably unique, each one providing its own flavor. Maury Island provides several fruit toppings such as Red Raspberry Ecstasy, Blackberry Delight, and Marionberry Dream.

Fruit toppings are made to spread seamlessly on desserts, but Maury Island Farm’s jam provides a thicker consistency. Maury Island Farm makes eight different flavors of preserves and jam to perfect any dessert to add texture and flavor to any dessert.

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