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The Difference Between Jam and Jelly

What Sets Jam and Jelly Apart?

For many, jam and jelly are interchangeable words. Both are fruit spreads to use on breakfast foods and desserts, and at a glance, the two don’t have many differences between them. However, those more acquainted can look past appearances and see that jam and jelly are very different from one another.

The main difference between jam and jelly is the fruit included in each. Jam is made with the entirety of the berry, whereas jelly is made with only the fruit juice. This difference gives jam a firmer consistency and will often include seeds inside the spread. Jelly may be smoother, but it also receives similar characteristics due to added fruit pectin in the cooking process.

For those wondering why Maury Island Farm makes jam and not jelly, there are several benefits to making jam. Due to the added parts of the fruit, jam is much healthier and offers more nutrition than jelly. The pulp and seeds of the fruit provide vitamin C, fiber, and antioxidants, all vital for staying healthy. Additionally, by making jam with the entirety of the berry, the fruit spread can taste better and fresher than jelly.

Jelly is smoother than jam and is made seedless, perfect for those who prefer a lighter touch of fruit flavor. Since only the fruit juice is cooked, the quality of the fruit becomes slightly less important.

Maury Island Farm escapes these problems by using berries grown fresh from the Pacific Northwest. The high-quality fruit used in each jar of jam is what leads to its delicious flavor. By only adding a small amount of sugar, the fruit flavor is accentuated even further, leading to a wholesome berry taste.

Enjoy the rich nutrition and fruity flavor of ripe berries in every one of Maury Island’s gourmet-quality jams. Experience six delicious jam flavors, three fruit toppings, and two preserves fresh from Maury Island Farm.

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