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The Cabernet of Berries: The Marionberry

Complex and Savory Flavor

One of Maury island Farm’s most popular jam flavors is the Marionberry. Currently sitting at an average of 4.92 stars, this jam is described as having “delicious distinctive flavor,” being “a great token gift,” and “the best jam available on the market.”

While many people enjoy the marionberry jam, fewer people know where marionberries come from. While other berries such as blueberries, raspberries, and strawberries occur often in nature, the marionberry does not.

Over fifty years ago, the marionberry was developed by Marion County researchers in Oregon state. These researchers were looking to create domesticated blackberry varieties. The goal was to achieve a superior taste and characteristics, which would eventually lend itself well to jam.

Eventually finding their miracle ingredient, the researchers called their discovery the ‘marionberry’ after their county. Ever since, the berry has been a longstanding favorite of the Pacific Northwest.

For those who have never tried the marionberry, the berries themselves are similar to blackberries but larger, sweeter and juicier. When turned into a jam, the marionberries give a rich flavor unmatched by other blackberry varietals. This sophisticated flavor has given it the nickname, “The Cabernet of Berries.”

From its inception, marionberries were bred to give a complex and savory flavor. Maury Island Farm makes its marionberry jam and fruit topping with fresh marionberries harvested in the Pacific Northwest. This berry flavor is then met with a controlled amount of sugar to allow for the naturally great berry taste to shine through in each bite.

For a bold and juicy flavor to make any breakfast delicious, the 11-ounce jam is always good to keep on hand. For a more decadent and rich meal, the Marionberry Dream Fruit Topping pairs perfectly with cheesecakes, pancakes and crepes. With no artificial flavors or colorings, these two jars both ensure a bold and juicy marionberry taste.

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