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The Secret Behind Our Tart Cherry Preserves

What Makes Tart Cherry Preserves So Flavorful?

Tart Cherry is the most popular preserve from Maury Island Farm and is beloved for its full-bodied cherry taste. Made with whole, ripe cherries from the Pacific Northwest, these preserves present a natural and fruity taste. At first, it may be hard to believe these preserves are made with only three ingredients.

Cherries usually have a short shelf life, but these preserves include whole, large cherries in the jar to keep the preserves fresh. These pieces work well on toast, biscuits, and as a topping on vanilla ice-cream. Use this 11-ounce jar to give a delicious tart cherry taste to almost anything.

Maury Island Farm controls the amount of sugar added to these preserves carefully. While other jams and preserves are tempted to cover-up low-quality fruit with excess sweetness, Maury Island leans into its natural cherry flavor. Each jar of cherry preserves is made with cherries as the number one ingredient with a minimal amount of sugar added. This gives these preserves their distinct combination of sweet and tart flavor.

There are no syrups, preservatives, or artificial ingredients to be found in these cherry preserves. The secret behind these cherry preserves is the quality of the cherries they being used to make them. Maury Island Farm collects all of its berries from local farmers in the Pacific Northwest at the peak of ripeness. It is necessary to have a fresh and clean quality to achieve this tart flavor.

Rich in antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals, these cherry preserves are a great way to add nutritional value. Spread on breakfast foods, bread, or sandwiches and feel reinvigorated after just one spoonful of these preserves.

Pick up a jar of Tart Cherry Preserves and discover why so many love this cherry flavor. The large, whole cherries freshen the jar of preserves for a delicious taste. For this unique tart cherry flavor alongside seven other varieties of jams and preserves, shop Maury Island Farm and enjoy our array of fruit flavors.

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