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How to Store a Jar of Jam or Preserves

How to Keep Jam Tasting Fresh

Jam and preserves are convenient ways to add a touch of fruit flavor to a variety of meals. Jam and preserves come in vacuum-sealed containers to keep the jams fresh for long periods. Before they are opened, these jars are safe to keep at room temperature, but it's crucial to prevent the jam from spoiling once the seal is broken.

After opening a jar of jam, it is recommended to keep the jam in a refrigerator until the next time it needs to be used. By keeping the jar cool, the growth of bacteria is slowed. An opened jar of jam is safe to eat thirty days after opening.

If a jam is left open for too long, mold and yeast can begin to grow. Thankfully this growth is easily noticeable. If the jam has any discoloration or has a musty odor, the jam should be thrown away.

Thankfully, there are plenty of ways to enjoy a jar of jam within a thirty-day timeframe. Jam is often enjoyed for every meal, but especially during breakfast. The antioxidants, vitamins, and fiber in each jar of jam help feel great throughout the day. For those trying to use up a jar of jam, early mornings are the time to do so.

Apart from spreading on toast, the jam has many uses in the morning. For example, jam is used to create yogurt parfaits by mixing jam, granola, and yogurt. Stuffed French toast requires effort to make, but the delicious taste makes it more than worth it.

Each jar of Maury Island Farm jam is 11-ounces and holds 15 tablespoons of jam. Enjoying one tablespoon of jam every other day is the perfect amount to finish a jar of jam before it expires.

Using berries grown locally in the Pacific Northwest, Maury Island Farm makes its own selection of jams and preserves. Flavors such as blackberry-raspberry, boysenberry, and marionberry taste so delicious, eating a whole jar is easy. For a delightful selection of jam, consider Maury Island Farm to find new favorites.

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