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Welcome to the Maury Island Farm Blog

Welcome to Life on the Maury Farm

From everyone at Maury Island Farm, we would like to say thank you for all of the wonderful support we have received over the last several years. What started as a small passion has since grown into a large community of people who share a passion for gourmet jam.

Maury Island started from the premise of creating jams with emphasis on the natural fruit flavor. By closely controlling the amount of sugar in our recipes, we ensure every jar of jam we make gives a delicious fruit taste from natural ingredients. Our emphasis on taste resonated with others. Ever since, we’ve been working hard to deliver the best tasting jam we can for the people who enjoy it.

Over the years, we heard many questions, comments, and reviews from our customers. We try to communicate with our supporters through our social media, contact pages, and our email list. Still, we want to better communicate what makes jams and preserves so special to us.

There are many intricacies in making jam. Each berry has a history, story, and flavor that makes them special. Every jam needs a process with specific steps to create the desired flavor. Then, even after the jam is put into jars, its journey isn’t finished. Every day someone enjoys the love, care, and attention we put into our jams. These special moments give context and meaning to what we do.

Over the next several months, we hope this blog can be a source of information and celebration. Life on the Maury Farm will speak to the reasons why people have enjoyed coming back to us. From product details to appetizing recipes, we hope you learn something new. We are excited to begin to better share our passion of creating gourmet jams, preserves, and dessert toppings with you.

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