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What Does the Acronym GMO Mean?

Answering Questions About GMOs

Those who frequently enjoy Maury Island Farm jam are sure to notice a label stating the jam includes non-GMO ingredients. GMOs have been debated and discussed, but some may wonder what makes them a talking point. Why do some foods use GMOs while others do not?

What does GMO Stand For?

GMO stands for Genetically Modified Organism. In essence, GMOs are plants and crops altered to give superior qualities to produce a higher yield. These GMOs can help fight off diseases and pests that the crops otherwise wouldn’t survive.

Are GMO Foods Safe?

Currently, there isn’t any scientific evidence that these foods are dangerous to eat. However, GMOs are a relatively new development, beginning in the late 90s, and have gained traction in recent years. As more genetic modifications are introduced, there is reasonable concern that GMO foods are moving too far away from their natural counterparts.

What Are Non-GMO Foods?

A non-GMO food is a food that hasn’t had genetic alterations for higher yields. These foods resemble the same food and crops found in nature. Therefore, these foods do not have any potential risks associated with the use of GMOs.

Why Make Non-GMO Jam?

Since the beginning, Maury Island Farm committed itself to makes its jam as natural as possible. We make every jam with berries grown in the Pacific Northwest and all-natural ingredients. This fruit-first approach leads to the highest quality flavor and doesn’t need to be covered up by syrups or excess sweetness.

Maury Island has plenty of jams to choose from for those concerned about GMOs or just interested in a more natural flavor. Shop our various jams, preserves, and fruit toppings and enjoy a pure berry flavor.

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