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What Sets Maury Island Apart

Natural Taste from Premium Ingredients

Jam is made from a few simple ingredients, meaning each one is crucially important. To get started making jam, all that is needed is fresh fruit and sugar, but making gourmet jam is a much more complicated process.

At Maury Island Farm, the jam process begins with the fruit itself. Locally sourced from the Pacific Northwest, berries are harvested at the peak of freshness. These berries are then combined with fruit pectin and sometimes, lemon juice.

What makes jam and preserves from Maury Island Farm special is the controlled amount of cane sugar used in each recipe. While other brands will try to mask the taste and scent of poor-qualities berries with an excess of sugar, Maury Island does the opposite.

By adding less sugar, the full-bodied berry flavor can present itself. In each bite, Maury Island Farm jam gives a distinctly clean and fruity taste.

Those who have tried this jam will note that this doesn’t lead to a lack of sweetness. Berries are naturally sweet, and since these berries are harvested fresh, there is plenty of sweetness, albeit more nuanced.

After creating the jam, the different flavors are put into 11-ounce glass jars to maintain the jam’s freshness. By being diligent and timely, the result tastes remarkably ripe and natural.

With each step in the process, Maury Island Farm takes extreme care and maintains the highest standards to create each of its gourmet jams. All-natural berries containing no GMOs, artificial flavorings, or colorings all contribute to the delicious Maury Island taste.

With delicious flavors such as marionberry, blueberry, and tart cherry, there is a gallery of tastes to choose from. Our eight flavors of jam and preserves are a perfect place to start for those who crave a premium quality jar of jam or preserves. Find a favorite fruit, and enjoy the delicious taste of all-natural flavor from the Pacific Northwest.

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