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What to Eat With Blueberry Jam

Sweet and Tart Blueberry Flavor

Blueberry jam is a timeless classic. The fruity, sweet, and acidic taste of blueberries is unique to the fruit. Blueberries were domesticated over one-hundred years ago and have been a beloved treat ever since.

Maury Island Farm maintains its high standards when making its blueberry jam. First, fresh blueberries are sourced locally from farmers throughout the Pacific Northwest. Other jams water down the natural flavor of blueberries with an excess of sugar. Maury Island Farm does the opposite. By producing blueberry jam in high quantities with a low amount of sugar, the jam tastes fruitier.

Blueberries are also rich in antioxidants and are one of the healthiest berries a person can eat. These antioxidants can help protect a person’s cells and prevent them from disease and cancer. To receive a daily dose of these vital nutrients, eating blueberry jam is the most delicious way to do so.

For those who don’t eat jam often, a common question is how to use up a jar of jam. While blueberry jam tasted good enough to eat plain by the spoonful, some foods compliment blueberry taste better than others.

As with all jam and preserves, the flavor is often enjoyed in breakfast foods such as English muffins, pancakes, and toast.

Blueberries have a distinct taste. While they are sweet, the acidity can be balanced out by pairing them with dessert foods. Consider using blueberry jam to use to top ice-cream, included inside crepes, or baked into oatmeal cookies. Since Maury Island Farm makes its jam with a low amount of sugar, expect a fruiter flavor from this jam, and one that can complement sweet foods without overpowering them.

Finally, another popular way to enjoy this jar of jam is to include in foods with blueberries already in them. Smoothies and parfaits which feature blueberries can be made more delicious with a spoonful of additional blueberry flavor.

No matter how blueberry jam is enjoyed, the ripe and sweet flavor paired with its natural antioxidants makes it a great choice to always have around. For a great taste and ripe blueberry flavor, Maury Island Farm makes each of its jams and preserves with quality above all else.

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