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Why Are Boysenberries So Difficult to Find?

The Elusive Flavor of Boysenberries

Among all of Maury Island Farm’s jam flavors, boysenberry is among the most popular. A cross between both European and American berries, the flavor profile is distinctly fruity, with a brighter flavor than a traditional blackberry. Despite this flavor being beloved by those who have tried it, a pure boysenberry flavor can be hard to come by.

While some berries can grow in abundance, this boysenberry requires more time and attention to fully mature. After the boysenberries are ripened to perfection, the fresh flavor doesn’t last long. Unfortunately, the berries themselves are so fragile, they are easily damaged when trying to move them.

Despite being sought-after, the cumbersome process of growing, storing, and shipping boysenberries are all barriers to their availability. Often, when boysenberries are found they won’t be as ripe or fresh as they could be. For those not living in the Pacific Northwest, boysenberries can be extraordinarily hard to come by.

Thankfully, understanding each of these limitations is the first step in creating delicious boysenberry jam. Maury Island Farm begins by sourcing all of its berries locally from the Pacific Northwest. This ensures the berries do not travel far and are harvested when they are at the peak of ripeness.

By adding the fruit with a controlled amount of cane sugar, Maury Island's Boysenberry Jam receives most of its flavor from the boysenberries themselves. Additional fruit pectin is also added to give the jam its natural spreadable quality.

The finished result is a delicious boysenberry spread, delivering the same incredible taste as a boysenberry fresh off the bush. Those who also find it hard to come across a ripe boysenberry flavor can feel satisfied with one spoonful from Maury Island Farm’s Boysenberry Jam.

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