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Life on the Maury Farm

Jam and preserves are convenient ways to add a touch of fruit flavor to a variety of meals. Jam and preserves come in vacuum-sealed containers to keep the jams fresh for long periods. Before they are opened, these jars are safe to keep at room temperature, but it's crucial to prevent the jam from spoiling once the seal is broken.
Out of all berry varieties, blackberries are among the most popular. The rich and woodsy flavor comes from sprawling blackberry bushes from the Pacific Northwest. While Maury Island Farm doesn’t have blackberry jam in its lineup, there are plenty of ways to experience the rich flavor of fresh blackberries.
Dessert is a special time of any day. Rarely do people get the opportunity to indulge themselves, and any good dessert should feel satisfying. In order to better help enjoy desserts, Maury Island has five reasons to enjoy a fruit topping instead of a traditional chocolate sauce.

In the last several weeks, the Pacific Northwest experienced some of the hottest temperatures it ever had. This summer is sizing up to be one of the hottest, making it even more important to stay cool, hydrated, and energized.

Maury Island jam is considered to be a summer food for several reasons. First, the fruit used in each of its jam, preserves, and fruit topping comes from a limited harvest of berries. Each berry is picked at the peak of ripeness during the summertime to give the best flavor possible.

For many, jam and jelly are interchangeable words. Both are fruit spreads to use on breakfast foods and desserts, and at a glance, the two don’t have many differences between them. However, those more acquainted can look past appearances and see that jam and jelly are very different from one another.
Those who frequently enjoy Maury Island Farm jam are sure to notice a label stating the jam includes non-GMO ingredients. GMOs have been debated and discussed, but some may wonder what makes them a talking point. Why do some foods use GMOs while others do not?

Jam and preserves are flavorful additions to all kinds of foods. The sweet and tart flavor is delicious and often enjoyed as a spread, a dessert topping, or to serve with appetizers. Maury Island Farm controls its ingredients carefully to bring out the best flavor possible, only using trace amounts of sugar.

ugar is a crucial ingredient in a jam and affects much more than the flavor. The ratio between fruit and sugar also affects the color and the shelf life of the fruit. By reducing the amount of sugar, the amount of jam made diminishes, leading to smaller batches.

Maury Island Farm makes each of its jam and preserves with natural berries from the Pacific Northwest. An essential part of capturing a fruity flavor profile is to do it in the most natural way possible. We never include syrups or preservatives and use all aspects of the berry, including the seeds of the fruit.
Maury Island Farm is happy to announce its new website is now live. While those already familiar with the site will feel at home, the changes made will make the shopping experience better than ever before.