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Marionberry Jam - Maury Island Farm - 11 oz

  • Limited Harvest Marionberries
  • No artificial flavors or colorings
  • An all-natural product
  • Marionberries are the number one ingredient
  • Total net weight: 11 ounces

Marionberry Jam has been a longstanding favorite of Maury Island Farm and has since become an iconic Pacific Northwest treat. This jam is created with ripe marionberries paired with simple, all-natural ingredients with no flavorings or colors for the cleanest and freshest flavor possible.

Bigger and sweeter than the blackberry, the marionberry was developed by cooperative extension service researchers over 50 years ago. Marionberries started as domesticated blackberry varieties with superior taste characteristics, favored for jam and preserves.

For those who have never tried marionberries, the flavor is similar to a blackberry but sweeter and juicier. When turned into a jam, the marionberries give a rich and woodsy flavor unmatched by other blackberry varietals. This sophisticated flavor has given it the nickname, The Cabernet of Berries.

Instead of adding an overabundance of sugar, Maury Island Farm carefully controls the amount of sugar put into each jam. This process allows the natural fruit flavor to shine through, not buried under an unnatural sweet taste. In every jar, taste the natural fruity flavor of marionberries.

This jam comes in a beautiful 11-ounce jar, ready to be given as a gift to friends and family for any special occasion. As the most popular flavor of Maury Island Farm, this jam is sure to impress.

Customer Reviews

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Jeffrey Green

It is great. Tastes great

Phyllis Barell

My most flavorite of all jams.

Wayne F
Products & Service - Outstanding

The quality of their products is nothing short of superior. Add to that the speed of shipment and it shows why we can honestly give them a 5 star rating.

Deborah Sandvig
Love this jam!

We received our first jar as a gift. It was SOOO GOOD, it was gone within a couple of weeks. We had to order more. It is now a staple in our pantry.

Marionberry Jam

I rated this a 5 star because it exceeded my expectation, it’s the best Marionberry Jam I have ever tasted. Totally berry!

I live in Virginia and have it shipped here, long way to Washington state.

Customer Reviews

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