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Red Raspberry Jam - Maury Island Farm - 11 oz

  • Limited harvest raspberries
  • No artificial flavors or colorings
  • An all-natural product
  • Red raspberries are the number one ingredient
  • Total net weight: 11 ounces

Maury Island Farm's Red Raspberry Jam is the glory of the summer garden. Native to the Pacific Northwest, Maury Island locally sources its berries for a natural taste in each jar. This jam is made with all-natural ingredients with no artificial flavorings or colorings to water down the delicious natural fruit flavor.

Instead of adding an overabundance of sugar, Maury Island Farm carefully controls the amount of sugar put into each jam. The natural fruit flavor shines through, not buried under an unnatural sweet taste. This jam also includes fruit pectin to create its spreadable consistency.

The sweet and tart flavor of this jam pairs well with breakfast foods such as toast, English muffins, and pancakes. Alternatively, this jam can also create a gourmet peanut butter and jelly sandwich or a fruity salad dressing in the afternoon.

This red raspberry jam comes in a beautiful jar, making for a delicious gift. Choose to share a unique red raspberry flavor with friends, family, or loved ones for any holiday or special occasion.

Limited Harvest Red Raspberry Jam Nutrition Facts

Customer Reviews

Based on 35 reviews
Frank Marino
Jams and Preserves

The Red Raspberry and Blueberry preserves work great on toast but my favorite is with peanut butter on a graham cracker!

Sheryl Hutchison
Red Raspberry Jam

Luv this stuff! Great flavor without drowning in sugar!

Perfect Consistency

This jam has a very nice texture and consistency, not too thick and not too liquidly; It is not too sweet, just right. Will continue to buy.

John C Elcock
unhappy again

I received 2 bottles with broken seals and leaking jam all over bubble wrap and interior of box - sent a note to customer service but never heard back. This is second time with bad experience and no response from customer support or anyone there.

Terri Z
Best Jam

Just bought a case. Such good jam. Will be keeping and giving as gifts.

Customer Reviews

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