Welcome to Maury Island Farm

Maury Island Farm is located in the beautiful Pacific Northwest surrounded by snow-capped mountains, forests, and shimmering inland seas. The cool nights and warm summer days that extend along the western base of the Cascade Mountains ripen berries to sweet perfection. Only the freshest fruit and all-natural ingredients are used in creating our preserves, jams, and toppings.

Since the beginning, Maury Island Farm remained true to its mission of delivering the highest quality jam possible. We create each of our jams and preserves in the Pacific Northwest for the freshest ingredients. In each jar, taste all-natural ingredients with no flavorings, syrups, or colorings to water down the delicious natural fruit taste.

Instead of adding an overabundance of sugar, Maury Island Farm carefully controls the amount of sugar put into each jam. This allows the natural fruit flavor to shine through, and not buried under an unnatural sweet taste. In every jam and preserve, we hope to bring the ripe taste of berries fresh off the bush in each jar.

With our years of experience, we are confident in what we offer. Shop our selection of jams and preserves and begin to taste the difference of ripe fruit paired with all-natural ingredients.