Blackberry Raspberry Jam – Maury Island Farm – 11 oz


  • Limited Harvest Blackberries and Raspberry combination
  • No artificial flavors or colorings
  • An all-natural Blackberry-Raspberry product
  • Blackberries are the number one ingredient
  • Total net weight: 11 ounces

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This jam features a delicious combination of flavors. The rich and earthy flavor of blackberries is perfectly balanced with the bright and sunny sweetness of raspberries. Both of these berries contain no GMOs and come ripe from the Pacific Northwest.

Instead of adding an overabundance of sugar, Maury Island Farm carefully controls the amount put in each jar. This process leads to a pure and natural blackberry-raspberry taste, with no artificial flavorings or colorings to water down the delicious flavor. In each jar, Maury Island Farm delivers a ripe fresh-off-the-bush berry taste.

This flavor of jam is one of the most popular due to the variety of ways it can be enjoyed. Create delicious jam recipes, including stuffed French toast, blackberry-raspberry crepes, and jam cookies. Alternatively, this jam also works well to add a sweet and tart flavor to a host of breakfast foods and desserts.

This 11-ounce jam comes in a beautiful jar makes it a perfect choice to give this novel flavor as a gift. Family, friends, and loved ones will be delighted by the sophisticated flavor of Maury Island Farm’s Blackberry Raspberry Jam.